Birthday and Legacy Books

Would you like to honor your child's birthday or graduation with a donation to the library? These are wonderful opportunities to honor your child and help build the library collection. With a donation of $5.00, you may select a book for the library and have a bookplate placed inside it with your child's name and his or her birth date or graduation year. Your child will also be the first to check out the new book and will have his or her picture added to a display outside the library.To participate, please follow the steps below:

1. Select a book. Choose from one of our library wish lists (see links below), suggest a title (pending library approval), or request that an item be selected for you in a particular series, genre, or subject area (i.e. 39 Clues series, mystery fiction, art).

2. Complete the donation form below.

3. Send in $5.00 to school (cash or checks payable to GAP).

Please allow 3 weeks for the delivery and processing of your child's book. Forms and donations can be turned in as early as September. Also, if your child has a summer birthday or your child's birthday has passed, we can arrange a special time to celebrate, such as a half birthday.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!